Keratin bond hair extensions

Slavic Keratin Bond Hair Extensions are hand crafted in Melbourne from Remy, Virgin human hair.


What are keratin bond extensions?

Nude® keratin bond hair extensions are individually bonded for each girl. They are the smallest type of keratin bond possible and are unique to NUDE® hair extensions.
The small size is important to get the right proportions for temples, crown, hairlines & all visible areas. The amount of hair in each strand should be either equal or less than the hair to which it’s bonded. Lightweight, discreet & comfortable. The extensions won’t over weigh or provoke thinning of your natural hair and will ensure healthy growth.

Why are Nude® keratin hair extensions the best?

Our hair extensions are made with is a traditional, time proven, process which originated in Europe and is used by the most prestigious hair studios in the world to this day.
It is the only guaranteed way to get the most comfortable and undetectable hair extensions in Melbourne.

Remy Virgin Slavic human hair

We only import hair directly from trustworthy sources in Ukraine, so the quality of hair is guaranteed.

Our main criteria: hair must be virgin hair (never dyed), full cuticles Remy, soft & naturally silky.

We buy hair as a raw material in bulk ponytails.

Due to very gentle processing (no harmful chemicals) our hair keeps its original textures, softness and durability.

In order to keep the natural texture, no harmful bleaching is used. Professional, careful dying only.


Quality Italian Keratin

Quality Italian keratin is used for creating fusion bonded hair extensions. It allows the strands to stay in place (not slip) during the entire period of wear.

Nano, micro bonds are made exclusively for every client. They are created from quality, Italian Keratin.

The Keratin is coloured to match your exact hair color.
Every strand is handmade to ensure the quality keratin is applied (no glue).

So your hair extensions are damage-free for your own hair and it’s easy to remove.

Reusable Keratin Bond Hair Extensions

Our hair could be reused as it’s pure natural human hair.

Keratin bond hair extensions can last 12-14 months minimum (with proper care)..


So when it’s time to refit your hair extensions, you’ll pay for maintenance only and don’t have to buy new set of hair extensions.


Compare our Remy hair extensions.

The difference between NUDE® bonds and regular bonds is easy to see.


Our fusion keratin bonds are made in Melbourne for each client after a personalised consultation.


Regular pre-bonded hair comes in standard sizes, they are factory made for mass production and cannot be customised.


The bonding technique

Every strand is personalised


There is no standard size for a bond, each person has different hair length, density and texture — each case demands an individual size and weight.


We use only handmade technique to create the individual size of a bond. It’s a more complicated and longer process but it provides the safest way of hair extensions.


Customized bonds make your extensions to look natural.

The smaller amount of keratin you use – the better the result.

Small bonds allow to even tie a high ponytail and no one will ever guess that it’s not your own hair😉

If you prefer it all natural then this technique will fit you perfectly.

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But how do they really look?

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What are keratin bond extensions?

We specialise in single keratin bonded hair extensions.

Strands of equal density are infused to your natural hair, using thermal Italian keratin attachments.

Keratin is a hypoallergenic, safe material. So it's very gentle and doesn't damage the hair at all, even when being removed. No sticky residue. 

Every strand is customised for every client. Handmade keratin bonds. Micro, nano strands are made to get the most comfortable wearing and discreet look.

Every strand rotates 360* You can put your hair up in a bun & high ponytail. Nude keratin tipped single strands allow any styling & hairdos.

Nude bonded extensions is grow out technique. With proper care you can significally grow out your hair and remove them, when you'll be happy with your natural hair length.


How long do keratin bond hair extensions last?

With proper installation and care, the recommended time of wearing is up to 2.5 months for fine, thin hair and up to 3.5+ months for middle thick, thick hair.

Keratin bond hair extensions can be reused and can last 12-14 months minimum (with proper care).

They’re made of genuine human hair and offer a more natural look, you can actually dye the hair extensions and heat style them, as well as wear your hair up without giving away the secret of your luxurious locks.


Can you wear your hair up with keratin extensions?

Some stuff


Do keratin bonds ruin your hair?

Keratin is a safe material.

Italian keratin is used in the technology of Italian fusion hair extensions.

It allows the strands to stay in place (not slip) during the entire period of wear.

Today, it is considered the best, the bonds of Italian keratin do not crumble, hold very firmly and at the same time, could be removed easily from the hair without leaving a sticky residue.

We don’t use remover to remove the strands while maintenance.

The composition of Italian keratin includes a protein that is useful for the texture of your own hair and doesn’t harm it. It acts as a bridge between your natural hair and extensions.


The most important thing is that YOU DON’T NEED a lot of keratin to be sure that your bonds will not slip. We use the smallest bonds due to the authentic technique I use.

Tiny size of bonds:

  • helps to create THE SAFEST and most comfortable hair extensions

  • doesn’t require much keratin on hair and looks invisible even when the hard wind is blowing

  • allows to wear any hairstyle and helps to grow your own hair without any damage

If you want to find out more or get free consultation – contact us.


How much are keratin bond extensions?

To answer this very 1st and most common question, a 1 on 1 consultation is fundamental.
Pricing can vary depending on what look you want to achieve. Your hair thickness, head, hair cut, hair texture, length etc. Less hair extensions would be required for fine hair and more for thick to achieve a full head.
More strands would be needed for a sharp, ‘blunt cut’ to conceal your own hair. Your head size, hair volume, and your hair cut are all going to play a part in determining the cost.
Hair texture & colour of hair extensions: Rooted extensions, ombré, air touch, balayage, colour gradient extensions require more time and effort to colour & blend.
Curly, wavy, straight, virgin, coloured, softer, thicker hair - we’re all unique and matching your natural hair texture is a fundamental point. Please feel free to contact us.


Why are hair prices different?

The cost of hair extensions depends on the cost of hair and how it has been sourced and processed.

Due to high market demand and shortage of natural hair, there are products made of mixed sourced, non Remy and brushed hair.

  1. Mixed sourced hair.
    It’s the hair collected from different places around the world. If it has been processed using harsh chemicals and went through quick bleach processing it may also have been coated with silicone and other chemicals.

  2. Brushed hair.
    The most widely available and cheapest “raw material”.
    Collected from brushes and salons’ floors. There’s no way to align each hair in one direction. It’ll be untangled at the factory with the help of chemicals (acid baths) and other manipulations.
    That’s non-Remy hair. Cuticles will be totally stripped. It won’t last and won’t look good for a long time as well.


Those above are just few reasons of price criteria. Every ponytail which is used to create Nude extensions is natural and directly sourced, Remy hair. Every bundle/ponytail has its price and its unique natural texture.

The more niche hair, the harder it is to source ✨


pros and cons of keratin hair extensions?

The procedure itself starts off by creating a keratin bond that is applied to the extension. The extension is then bonded to the root of your hair with the help of a heating tool.

✔️   The most durable method because with proper maintenance, the extensions can stay in for about 4 months. Blends perfectly with your natural hair. Covers even the shortest and thickest hair and helps achieve the most natural result.

Completely reusable!

❌   Application can take up to 6 hours+ and this process is tiresome. You may experience headaches, discomfort, or itching for a few days if the extensions were made unprofessionally.

You need to find highly-trained professional to get this done properly.


Why Small Bonds are better?

The international bond size standard:

Standard bond: 0.6-0.7grams

Micro bond: 0.5-0.4grams

Nano bond: 0.3-0.2grams

A ponytail can be regarded as one bond and 2 ponytails like 2 bonds...

Standard bond

Bigger bonds hold more hair, you need less of them, they’re faster to install and they’re generally cheaper. However, there’s a big problem with this is that it puts your natural hair under more stress.

  • They carry more weight and cause tension on the hair surrounding the bond.

  • Bonds are too close to scalp, so the angle of the hair to the bond is greater, which further causes stress and breakage of your natural hair. This also means that it pulls on your natural hair when you wear it up.

  • The bond is not properly sealed at the top due to top of the keratin being overstretched.

  • When it dries, its itchy and uncomfortable.

  • Hair takes longer to dry.

  • Proper balance & proportions must be met. 1/1 ratio of natural hair to extensions at least.


Smaller bonds, on the other hand take more time to install, more bonds are required for the same amount of hair and the installer must be a qualified professional.


  • Smaller bonds are more safe & do not overweigh your hair, due to properly balanced 1/1 ratio of natural hair to extensions.

  • It could even be installed for very fine or baby type hair texture and will remain discreet.

  • Recommended for temple, hairlines and any visible areas. Normally, hair on temples and around the crown of the head is thinner. That’s why the size of the bond matters.

  • Evenly distributed, smaller strands all over the head gives your extensions a more natural appearance.

  • Easy to maintain and dry and it’s simply like your own hair.


We're for safety and aesthetics✨ Therefore, our bonds are neat and invisible — you won’t even feel them in your hair 🤍 It doesn’t require a lot of keratin to hold bonds on to the hair firmly.

But it takes more time and skill to install them the right way.

If you want to try the most aesthetic and safest hair extensions ever, contact us.

Hair extensions are not only for length.

They’re also great for adding colour, so no need for a full head of colour beforehand as you can achieve a fabulous look with the correct colour match.

They’re also for adding a bit of volume to get a fuller look or fill in short, uneven temple areas.

Have the hair you have always dreamed of 🤍

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